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 MAR   April 2008   



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This comic updates erratically. VERY.


I'm going to be taking a one-month hiatus to work on some personal art projects and on graduation stuff (I'm not in art school, so they're unrelated).



Yeah, that was April Fools. I swapped text with this page of the awesome Parallel Dementia. Other comics involved in this little project were: Emergency Exit, Project A.D.A.M., and The Wacky Adventures of Lunar and Kirk.



The Serrata 100 wasn't supposed to get its own page, but I had too much fun drawing them... and the cameos! Always wanted to do those:

The green glowy thing on the left is Greed. The grinning guy with a top hat in the bottom right is Visage. Both are villains from Parallel Dementia.

The orange-haired guy on the right is Nyos from Emergency Exit.


In other news, I'm upping the rating of this comic to MA, mainly because of language and violence. I was trying to keep it PG-13 before so I wouldn't restrict my audience, but I don't care about that anymore.